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LA Loop players’ excellent performances the Drew League!!

<Individual Game Stats>

Week 1: vs Cheatears1 Game Recap
Week 2: vs Problem Game Recap
Week 3: vs New Image Game Recap
Week 4: vs Hank’s Spiders Game Recap
Week 5: vs MHP Game Recap
Week 6: vs Jaguars Game Recap
Week 7: vs C.A.B.C. Game Recap
Week 8: No game is scheduled in Week 8
Week 9: vs Hank’s Bulldogs
Week 10: vs Hank’s Blazers Game Recap
Week 11: vs Tradition Game Recap

Season Stats 2013

<LA Loop Roster 2013>

Sean Greene Mayville State University
Kris Lawrie Colorado State University Pueblo
Kenny Jones Northwest Nazarene University
Donald Lee Cal State Bakersfield
Keith Davis Overseas (Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany)
William Knight Oversea (Japan)
Isaac Gordon Oversea (Ireland)
D’Andre Bell Oversea (Japan), NBA D-League
Dominick Brumfield University of Hawaii
Davie Champagnie Martin Methodist College
Ken Tanaka Toyota Alvark (Japan)
Vincent Camper II Overseas (Taiwan, Mexico, etc.)
Evan Harris Overseas (Germany, Romania, etc.)
A.J. Brevard Saddleback College
James Blasczyk University of Southern California
Rodney Webb Oversea (Japan, Israel), NBA D-League
Mike Grosele
並里成 琉球ゴールデンキングス
伊藤大司 トヨタ自動車アルバルク、日本代表
Aaron Fuller
Eric Petty
Darwin Williams
Orlando Johnson Indiana Pacers