Representative Agreement with SPIRE Academy

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Happy Holidays, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Before 2017 ends, we are very happy to make an announcement about the new representative agreement with the SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio.

“SPIRE Academy is an international, high school and postgraduate sports performance training and education academy, located within a world class event and wellness complex that has been recognized as an Official United States Olympic & Paralympic Training Site.

The complex features 750,000 sq. ft. of Olympic-caliber indoor swimming, track & field, soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball facilities, as well as SPIRE Performance Center, SPIRE Fit, SPIRE FUEL (nutritional food center), and SPIRE Banquet Center, on the 175-acre campus.

Sports Academy and Training Camp programs, as well as recreational, club, and league programs, tournaments and events, along with world-renowned coaches in each sport are complimented by elite sports performance training specialists, as well as mental skills performance training coaches.

SPIRE Academy has proven and experienced academic partners with a variety of options for high school and postgraduate students.”
(Source: SPIRE Academy’s website)

Through the discussions with the academy director, Bob Bossman for long time, and visiting the SPIRE academy and seeing the facilities and meeting with coaches, we can see this academy is the right spot to bring Japanese student-athletes to expose their games to colleges in US. Coaches and the academy itself are always focusing on the individual communication with each player. Also, we were impressed by even though the coaches are required to bring up the players to be top athletes, their top priority is human development.

We believe that sending Japanese players to the SPIRE Academy will be the gateway to have more Japanese players in the US college basketball scenes which is leading to have Japanese players in NBA and other top leagues all over the world near future!

We will update the details about studying at the SPIRE Academy in Japanese language in the new year.