New Loop Basketball Clinic in LA Has Started!!

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As creating a great opportunity for Seiya Ando to be noticed by the Halifax Rainmen‘s scout as the first Japanese player for the NBL Canada history, we Loop Sports Management, Inc. has dedicated basketball camps in US for from the professional to the college players in Japan.

On Feb 8th, we invited 4 players from Japan, and we are hosting 2-week-long Loop Basketball Clinic for them. Two of them are the actual players who want to improve their skills through the America style training. Other guy wants to be a trainer, and he wants to know how American players are coached. Another kid is a senior at high school in Japan, and he wants to go to a college in US for challenging himself to play against American players. Each one has different goals to come here. It makes this group being so unique and they can motivate each other to achieve their goals.

For global communication purpose, we coordinated them to stay at host families in Orange County, CA for making them experienced not only American basketball cultures but also the daily life in US. Through enjoying breakfast and dinner with host families, we want them to talk with American families and touch their cultures that is difficult to experience from the usual holiday travel.

For now, let’s talk about the basketball training. Each day, players take a private skills training from Ronald San Pedro in the morning.

Ronald San Pedro is a competent skills trainer who have worked with Micah Lancaster and DJ Sackmann from I’m Possible Training, the world’s largest training organization who have trained Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, Andre Iguodala. Also, he has consulted with Ganon Baker who have also worked with NBA players such as Vince Carter, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Dwayne, Kobe Bryant. You can check out some parts of his trainings from his own RSP Basketball as below.

In the afternoon, players join pick-up games against American players whom Ronald San Pedro selects. Though the pick-up games, they can experience how American players play in the game.

Their physical strength, skills, and passion for W are still weak to beat American players. But we are looking forward to see how they will be changed after 2-week-long training camp. Also, we want them to bring something to Japan and keep working hard after they go back to Japan!

Loop Sports Management, Inc. offers these kind of training camps in US, especially in LA area for any players from all over the world. If you are interested in this program, please contact us. We will coordinate your own training camp.

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