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Los Angeles Loop

In 2011, Yo established a basketball team named “Los Angeles Loop” in Los Angeles in order to give opportunities to play basketball in US to Japanese players.

Since LA Loop played at West Coast Basketball League in 2011, the team has played at some different Pr-Am leagues in Los Angeles. Many Japanese basketball players from the bj League have joined LA Loop and played against the NBA players and other talented players. LA Loop is the great place to exposure them selves to professional teams in Japan for American players as well. Some players played for LA Loop plays at bj League in Japan. So, Los Angeles Loop is a valuable team for both Japanese and American players.

Our players have great basketball career such as, playing at NCAA Division 1 team and oversees. So, we won the 2nd place at the Summer Pro League in 2012.

<Upcoming Games>

  • DrewLeague2013 @King-Drew Magnet High School
  • 5/19Sun.6:00 pm-LA Loop 73 vs. Cheaters 69
  • 5/26Sun.10:00 am-LA Loop 77 vs. Problems 71
  • 6/2Sun.10:00 am-LA Loop 78 vs. New Image 64
  • 6/8Sat.11:15 am-LA Loop 74 vs. Hank’s Spiders 67
  • 6/15Sat.12:30 am-LA Loop 79 vs. MHP 83
  • 6/23Sun.4:30 pm-LA Loop 70 vs. Jaguars 53
  • 6/29Sat.4:30 pm-LA Loop 84vs. C.A.B.C. 72
  • 7/13Sat.11:15 am-LA Loop 73 vs. Hank’s Bulldogs 66
  • 7/20Sat.12:30 pm-LA Loop 70 vs. Hank’s Blazers 79
  • 7/28Sun.12:30 pm-LA Loop 77 vs. Tradition 66
  • 8/3Sat.2:00 pm-LA Loop 78 vs Roley Boyz 66