Company facts

Company Name Loop Sports Management, Inc.
CEO Ryosuke Nozawa
Established April, 2012
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Service/Products Basketball Clinic

Basketball Camp

Sports Event Planning

Player Scout


Ryosuke Nozawa – CEO, FIBA AGENT

Born on May 5, 1982. From Osaka, Japan. Ryo started to play basketball when he was a elementary school student. When he played at a junior high school, he was selected to the Osaka All-Star Team. After he graduated high school in Osaka, he moved to US. He played at College of the Desert, and then he transferred to University of Hawaii at Hilo. In 2009, he joined a professional basketball team in Japan, Takamatsu Five Arrows as a trainee. In 2011, Ryo established a basketball team, “Los Angeles Loop (LA Loop)” in Los Angeles, and played at one of the greatest pro-am leagues in US, the Drew League, as the first Japanese owned team at the league history. At the 2012 Summer Pro League (SPL), he leaded LA Loop to win the 2nd place at the first time appearance for the league. In April, 2012, Ryo established Loop Sports Management, Inc. in order to develop future basketball players who can play all over the world.

Yuta Imada – Performance Coach/Kinetic Restoration Coach

Atsushi Sawa – Intern: Marketing, Business Planning

Originally from Osaka, Japan. When Atsushi was a college student in Japan, he organized sports events and sports volunteering team in Cambodia. And then, he became interested in the entertainment industry. After he graduated Osaka University, he came to US in order to study entertainment business. While Atsushi was studying entertainment business at Full Sail University, he realized that the sports industry in Japan is not developed as the entertainment industry like the US sports industry. He is sharing informations of the sports industry around the world through his own blog “World Sports Today”. In 2012, Atsushi graduated from Full Sail University with a master’s degree of entertainment business. 
Since then, he has been an intern at Loop Sports Management, Inc., and helped from the business side such as, marketing and business planning. He has been understanding about the sports industry trough working at the company and preparing for starting his career in the sports industry.

Shunsuke Nagatake – Intern, Team Trainer of Los Angeles Loop

From Tochigi, Japan. Since joiner high school, Shunsuke has played basketball. After he graduated high school, he entered the Human Academy Yokohama school, and took basketball classes there. He was influenced by strength coach and conditioning coach at the school, and then he became interested in coaching. He moved to US in 2010 to study coaching. Now he is studying at East Los Angeles College for preparing to study kinesiology at university. He started intern at Loop Sports Management, Inc. on summer, 2012, and he helped LA Loop as a team manager. Also, Shunsuke joined California State University Los Angeles Men’s Basketball Team as a team manager to have more experiences in the basketball industry.


Feb, 2011 Yo established a basketball team named “Los Angeles Loop” in Los Angeles in order to give opportunities to play basketball in US to Japanese players.
Feb, 2011 Played at West Coast Basketball League (WCBL) as the first Japanese owned team at the league
Mar, 2011 Basketball Clinic for the Japanese American kids

West Los Angeles Community

VFW of Orange County

Irvine Flight Basketball

Tustin NJB

Jun, 2011 Played at the one of the highest competitions in the US, the Drew League as the first Japanese owned team at the league
Jul, 2011 Basketball Clinic and Exposure Games in Japan for Tsunami Relief
Apr, 2012 Established Loop Sports Management, Inc.
Jun, 2012 Played at the Drew League and Summer Pro League (SPL)

Won the 2nd place at the SPL

Dec, 2012 Loop Basketball Clinic in Japan

Guest Coach: Keion Kindred from C.L.C. Basketball Training

Over 600 Japanese players joined