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Loop Basketball Clinic with Keion Kindred

“Keion Kindred is Coming Back to Japan”

Keion Kindred came to Japan back in 2012 and 2013 as the guest trainer for basketball clinics. Also, he came to Japan in 2014 as the head coach for the HOS Games, a series of exhibition games that the legendary Drew League came to Japan and played against pro teams in Japan.

Keion Kindred is a professional basketball skill trainer and he has worked with so many talented athletes including James Harden and Kevin Durant. He is known as the gatekeeper to the Los Angeles hoop scene.

For Keion, Japan was the first country to host clinics outside of US. Since then, he has traveled more than 15 countries including China and France, and hosted clinics for the local kids to professional levels. Keion said Japan is “where the all start for him”, and he is very excited about coming back to Japan!

Keion Kindred will stay and have clinics in Japan from December 9 to December 17. If you are interested in having his clinic for your team, or participating his clinic as an individual player, please contact us through the CONTACT FORM.